Alloy boat design and construction

Alloy Solutions Boat Builders OpuaWe have always had a close working relationship with Alan Walker of Coastdesign Naval Architecture. Coastdesign has built a solid reputation in the design field and is now widely recognised as a specialist in the aluminium powerboat industry, both in design, as a consultant in production methods and in project management. CNC (Computer Numeric Control) cut files are their specialty and these enable the components for a vessel to be cut from the data on a computer disk using plasma, water-jet, laser or milling machine.

We purchased Coastdesign in 2014 and Naval Architect and Design Engineer Alan Walker joined the our in house team. Alan designs not only great sail and power boats; he also designs dinghy davits, power dinghy lifts and anything else required on a cruising or racing boat.

This year, we’ve split the expanded business into two, (both are still housed under one roof). NSR Alloy Solutions launched a 14m custom power catamaran, “Garfield,” in 2016. Another 15m power cat is taking shape in the shop. We have also built trailers, barges, runabouts, and custom search-and-rescue boats for the NZ Navy.

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